I spent a lot of time today to take care of a member. I never mind taking care of members problems but this one brought me to attention that we should always check our paypal, alert pay or whatever accounts you have for subscriptions to sites. Even if you have an upgrade and want to upgrade higher make sure that your old upgrade canceled. After you upgrade check to see if your old upgrade canceled and if not cancel it. Or better yet maybe just go ahead and cancel your subscription before renewing with a higher upgrade.

Now, the best thing you can do is at least once a month check what subscriptions you have going. Maybe you have an old one and forgot about it or maybe you have one you want to change or just maybe you want to change your subscription. But if you don't check it then you are liable to pay for it.

Recently had a member or two that changed subscriptions and didn't cancel old. Well soooooo now they paying for 2. Shouldn't be my problem but did call paypal and they say they have a code for me to put on my site to put the onus on the buyer. So that is what I doing now.

Cost me penalties to take care of the member but.... not want to lose a member. So owners and buyers beware. Never take you accounts for granted!!!!