Reflecting on 2010!

Sure don't know where 2010 went, but it seemed to flash by! Tried a lot of different marketing programs this last year and didn't really find one of substance. Varola is still out there waiting to get started and instant cash sweepstakes is alright too. I am also a Team Leader at Traffic Era which takes lots of time as well. See below the links for each of these sites.

Owning a Traffic Exchange, Bellas Click Shack, takes more work than some people think, especially in this day! And without having Bella around, I have to do it all! I hope the changes we made this year were fun and successful for our members. I think we give away too many credits between all the options and games, but that will be a new conquest for me, other unique ways for members to use credits. Sometimes ideas work and sometimes not :) Also, any new programming can be expensive, let alone the monthly server fees, so owning a traffic exchange can be costly as well. But I do find it rewarding and enjoy interacting with the members.

There are many traffic exchanges out there and I wish I had more time to surf them, but I do also have a full time job and it was not healthy for me to work all day and then just sit at computer at night, so my surfing time has been cut way back! This is another reason to find a good venture, that does not take a lot of time. Life goes by fast, so we must enjoy it as well.

So for 2011, I look forward to continued success at Bellas Click Shack and in my personal life as well! Hope the new year is a success for all of you too!

Happy New Year!!!!! JOIN MY TRUPARTNERS TEAM!!!!!



I spent a lot of time today to take care of a member. I never mind taking care of members problems but this one brought me to attention that we should always check our paypal, alert pay or whatever accounts you have for subscriptions to sites. Even if you have an upgrade and want to upgrade higher make sure that your old upgrade canceled. After you upgrade check to see if your old upgrade canceled and if not cancel it. Or better yet maybe just go ahead and cancel your subscription before renewing with a higher upgrade.

Now, the best thing you can do is at least once a month check what subscriptions you have going. Maybe you have an old one and forgot about it or maybe you have one you want to change or just maybe you want to change your subscription. But if you don't check it then you are liable to pay for it.

Recently had a member or two that changed subscriptions and didn't cancel old. Well soooooo now they paying for 2. Shouldn't be my problem but did call paypal and they say they have a code for me to put on my site to put the onus on the buyer. So that is what I doing now.

Cost me penalties to take care of the member but.... not want to lose a member. So owners and buyers beware. Never take you accounts for granted!!!!

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There is Strength in numbers and that is why my TruPartner friends and I would like you to join us in the New "POWER OF MANY".

A one time payment of $15 can earn $30 for each referral (you earn $2 for each referral 5 levels deep). *STRENGTH IN NUMBERS* So click on one of our pics and join as WE ARE The POWER of MANY!



Well of course you want to get paid. Everyone does! Some ways are easier than others and I think Geostring is the way to go! First off, they give you $10 right up front just for signing up! Then they will pay you each time you make your string longer!!!!

Geostring has sponsors that pay to advertise on their site, so therefore, they can pay you to join and see those ads and click on the ONCE A WEEK email. Yep just once a week you will get an email reminding you to log in to your account. No surfing, no clicking, nothing!!! Just log in and tell others about it!

Takes little time so go get your string and your $10 now:

Matrix you Say?

Well I know what you going to say or think cause I am usually the same way, but this time the Tupatrix is one that will change your mind. During the first week I have already tripled my earnings. Nothing to it! Only $5 for a spot and it reverses. Reverses you say?

First you get to watch the progress of your spot during the month. At the end of the month it reverses and then the bottom row from the prior month goes straight to the top row in the rebuilding month. But only paid members are reloaded, therefore insuring you earnings in the matrix.

The admin is top notch and have great instructions for everything. So give it a shot and join TUPA and get your spot in the TUPATRIX. I bought and extra spot this week of course and maybe will get another! Thats how much I think about this. I am not afraid to put my $5 a spot in, cause I know I will generate a good return!

So hop on the ride with me and get some extra cash for the holidays!