Matrix you Say?

Well I know what you going to say or think cause I am usually the same way, but this time the Tupatrix is one that will change your mind. During the first week I have already tripled my earnings. Nothing to it! Only $5 for a spot and it reverses. Reverses you say?

First you get to watch the progress of your spot during the month. At the end of the month it reverses and then the bottom row from the prior month goes straight to the top row in the rebuilding month. But only paid members are reloaded, therefore insuring you earnings in the matrix.

The admin is top notch and have great instructions for everything. So give it a shot and join TUPA and get your spot in the TUPATRIX. I bought and extra spot this week of course and maybe will get another! Thats how much I think about this. I am not afraid to put my $5 a spot in, cause I know I will generate a good return!

So hop on the ride with me and get some extra cash for the holidays!

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